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Come GROW with us at the Liberty Opry!
What is the Liberty Opry?

The Liberty Opry is a live, Branson-style, family oriented, musical entertainment show. We are a Christian based organization that will bring joy and laughter, as well as variety of information, to you and your residents several times a week. We offer music and comedy, for all ages to enjoy. Music of the era that your residents will identify with and bring back great memories. Also, in the near future, we will be introducing additional programs to help enrich their lives.

Established in 1993, we have kept the Opry tradition and solid reputation alive - we've just improved it along the way - with some updated technology. Through our partnering with The Best of Life Technologies (BOLT) Network, this has enabled us to bring you this fantastic offer ...


Establish a modest monthly support gift/payment today as one of our "Host Locations" on the BOLT Network for either $39.95 or $49.95 and let us bring Best of Life quality content to your residents, as our Bonus to you, for providing your support in helping us grow Liberty Opry, BOLT Network, and our services to the local communities. Our Best of Life Technologies (BOLT) Network is dedicated to using the many current and upcoming technologies to help your growing resident family and local community enjoy the Best of Life through music and planned global content and services growth.

Your payment today, at this minimum level of support, will qualify you as a "Founding Host Location" and guarantee that your minimum required level will not increase as we expand our network benefits. Otherwise, minimum levels are anticipated to increase along with the growth in value of benefits provided our newest supporters. The qualification period may terminate at any time - at our discretion.



By contributing $39.95 (or $49.95 to include DVDs and S&H) per month to BOLT Network Services, you will receive the following bonus package on a month-to-month basis, which can be terminated at any time, by either party:

  • A Liberty Opry live show every Saturday delivered by HD Streaming. This includes the ability to replay each Saturday's show for *30 days* by accessing a Video On Demand (VOD) file made for HD Streaming

-- OR--

  • A Liberty Opry show recorded live every Saturday and delivered by High Quality DVD for an added $10.00 shipping and handling fee. This will give you the ability to replay each Saturday's show *at any time* via DVD

Advantages to receiving the Liberty Opry weekly show:

    • Cost Effective - When attending a Liberty Opry show, tickets range from $12 - $35 each and DVD’s are $20 each (plus shipping). When supporting this program, you will receive the Liberty Opry show four (4) times per month (depending upon the performers permission to broadcast or video the show), for each person within your facility to view (Host Location). What a tremendous savings!

    • Liability - you will no longer have the responsibility and liability of transporting people from your facility to our site or other locations.

    • Convenience - watch the show from the comfort of your own activity center. The show can be stopped and replayed any time after two weeks following the show - no need to miss a thing!

To establish a monthly support gift/payment today as one of our 'Host Locations' on the BOLT Network, click the 'buy now' button under the BOLT Network logo in the top right corner of this page.

If you have any questions or issues, we are just a phone call away. You may contact us via 936-336-5830.

Liberty Opry & BOLT Network